TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch Review: An Android Wear With A Luxury Tag

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TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch Review: An Android Wear With A Luxury Tag

Tag Heuer Connected was described as the marriage of Silicon Valley and Watch Valley during its launch. It is considered as the new breed of Android wear devices that break away from the technology companies that pushed devices so far to bring a whole new brand to the world of smartwatch.





Tag Heuer Connected is actually based on the Carrera family of sporty watches by Tag. As of now, it is classified as one of the best looking smartwatches, but it is also more impressive compared to others. This isn’t only because of the classic design of the watch, but also due to the materials used to create Tag Heuer Connected. Its case is made of Grade 2 titanium, making it very strong, incredibly light, and resistant to corrosion. Tag Heuer Connected’s rubber strap is secured with the standard deployment clasp of TAG Heuer, which is also made of titanium. With this design, it provides a comfortable fit and ease when adjusting it.

Weighing 82g only, it is a bit large with a case diameter of 46mm. Although the design of Tag Heuer Connected dates back years ago, there is no need for you to worry about because this fits in among its contemporaries. Probably, if there is one thing that lets the design down slightly, it is the fact that the back of this Tag Heuer Connected is plain black plastic. But, it still looks a luxury timepiece that will definitely fit on your lifestyle.



Battery, Display, and Hardware

For Android wear devices, you will often find that the hardware story is much the same. Things are not very different in Tag Heuer Connected, the largest difference is that it’s a watch powered by Intel instead of Qualcomm. It is equipped with a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. When it comes to storage, it takes pride for having 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

When it comes to the screen, it offers a 1.5 inch transflective LCD and even if some may wonder why the company decided not to utilize OLED technology, you will only have to spend several minutes with in on a sunny, bright day to know it actually made the right decision. Thanks to its transflective design, this smartwatch will give you ease when reading the data whether you are inside or out. The screen will dim automatically when the watch detects you are not using i t, yet it is still easily readable even when it is on dimmed state.





The Verdict

Tag Heuer Connected is like a typical Android wear. It operates well in both iOS and Android devices. But, majority of users said that this smartwatch runs smoothly with an Android handset.

Some may think that Tag Heuer Connected is a waste of time. But, it is a smartwatch that you should not miss because it comes with various features that are helpful for you to reach your fitness goals. Although its price tag is a bit expensive, it is still a good option, particularly if you want something that makes a difference.



TAG Heuer Men's CAZ2011.FT8024 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Rubber Band
  • Black watch featuring tachymeter bezel, trio of chronograph subdials, and date window at 3 o'clock position
  • 44 mm black stainless steel case with synthetic-sapphire dial window
  • Swiss automatic movement with analog display
  • Rubber band with round perforations and buckle closure
  • Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving