Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50 Review: Perfect For Runners Out There

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Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50 Review: Perfect For Runners Out There

Sony SmartWatch 3 may be just a typical smartwatch for some, but with its new all-metal design and built-in GPS, it is one of the most complete smartwatches you can find nowadays. But, why should you consider it as one of your options?





  • The display is easy to read, especially when in direct sunlight
  • Known for its long battery life
  • Its built-in GPS is perfect for runners and some athletes
  • NFC and WiFi make this more future-proof than some Android wear devices.


  • Not all Android wear apps currently make use of NFC, WiFi, and GPS.
  • Screen is not as vibrant as on other smartwatches.
  • Drab design


Display and Design

Sony SmartWatch 3 is not exactly made to break any new ground with its exceptional aesthetics. When compared to other smartwatches, it is sporty and not as fashionable as others expected. Its rubber strap, yellow or black as standard but with extra accessory straps available, features a great adjustable clasp, allowing users to get the best fit.

Sony SmartWatch 3 is a lightweight and very comfortable. It suits a pair of trainers and joggers more than it does your smartest loafers and chinos. But, there is one thing that some noticed about its strap is it seems to collect dust as if it is a type of fluff magnet.

Sony SmartWatch 3’s stainless steel version adds a bit of style to the mix as well as people who want the weighty assurance of luxury metal watches will not be disappointed by the feel. This version utilizes the traditional link system so that you can adjust this to get a comfortable fit. This is probably best to let the watch shop do this though because it isn’t simple and you might damage the straps when you are trying to get the pins out.

In terms of display, it comes with a 1.6inch LCD that lags behind the AMOLED technology found on the newest smartwatches from Asus and Samsung. This is the deficiency that is really noticeable with a screen providing a little vibrancy and appearing faded and pale.

GPS Tracking

The largest selling point of this smartwatch is that it’s equipped with GPS connectivity. This is a plus for everyone who wants to track their runs accurately without the need to bring their smartphone with them. Since Google has introduced GPS support for android wear in the first big update of the platform, the major players in the world of run tracking apps have been slowed down because of other free GPS tracking apps provided by Google.





Sony SmartWatch 3 has four gigabytes of storage space. This is pretty standard for any Android wear smartwatch. It is run by a quad-core Arm A7 processor that overkills in the newest ecosystem of Android. One thing that this smartwatch does not have is the optical heart rate sensor.




Battery Life

Sony SmartWatch 3 is engineered with a 420 mAh battery inside. It can be charged also through micro USB, which only means that you don’t have to carry around another charging accessory.


Sony SWR50 SmartWatch 3 Transflective Display Watch [Black]
  • Powered by Android Wear -- integration with Google Now
  • Voice, touch and gesture control
  • Built-in accelerometer, compass, gyro and GPS
  • Dust-tight and waterproof IP681 rated
  • Updates and notifications via Bluetooth Smart (4.0)