Misfit Shine Review: A Waterproof And Fully Functional Fitness Tracker

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Misfit Shine Review: A Waterproof And Fully Functional Fitness Tracker

Misfit Shine sets apart from other fitness trackers available in the market for being fully waterproof. This is also an attractive all-metal disc, which can be worn anywhere on your body with the use of a little magnetic strip that holds Misfit Shine in place.




Design and Features
Design is one of the best things about Misfit Shine. Engineered from aerospace grade aluminum with distinct groove running around the middle to use the different accessories of Misfit Shine, it is compact, light, and small. The choice of material of Misfit means Shine only weight nine grams on its own or sixteen grams with an included wrist strap.

Misfit Wearables is co-founded by John Sculley, the former Apple CEO. That is the reason why there’s definitely a touch of Apple when it comes to the design of Misfit Shine, most particularly its clean lines and simplicity.





Misfit ensured that Misfit Shine can be used and worn anywhere on the body, yet still functions as a sports band. The clasp of this fitness tracker is a rubber loop that has a magnet on one end, which folds over to couple with the Shine’s back. You can also attach this to any clothing item, even a shorts or swimsuit as this is completely waterproof to fifty meters. It’s also pretty handy even if you forget to remove this from your clothes and you have washed it accidentally.

But, it is always important to take note that any fitness tracker worn on your wrist is not going to be as accurate as worn on your clothing as you often move your arms more than any limbs, which could cause inaccurate results. That’s why Misfit includes clasp for attaching Misfit Shine to your clothing, which is particularly beneficial when you are at the gym.




Apps and Tracking
Misfit Shine app is a simple yet an effective way of tracking your daily fitness activity. Periods of activities are shown in color coded panels, which show the kind of sport you’re doing. There is also a highlight panel, which provides you a look at your milestones daily, broken down into handy activity charts and colored blocs. You may also take a look at your weekly activities that allows you to compare your achievements to the other weeks.

When it comes to tracking, Misfit Shine is accurate and can tell when you’re performing any of its recognized activities including running, swimming, cycling, and walking. Through using its app, you can customize your activity goals. However, some have concerns with its sleep monitoring functionality.




Misfit Shine utilizes Bluetooth LE. This is the main reason why you don’t have to pair this with your tablet or smartphone. Once you enter the app, data automatically fills in and updates the fitness tracking information since your last login. Whether you forgot to login for an hour or more than a week, the data will be up to date.



If you are searching for a completely waterproof as well as fully functional fitness tracker, Misfit Shine is a perfect choice, particular for all fashionistas out there.


Misfit Shine - Activity and Sleep Monitor
  • Swimproof, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum disc
  • White LED progress and time display
  • Wirelessly syncs with paired smartphone to upload data
  • Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and heavy sleep
  • Non-charging, replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months. Please refer the Installation and the Battery replacement Video before use.