Misfit Shine 2 Review: A Decent Version Of Misfit Shine With Upgrades

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Misfit Shine 2 Review: A Decent Version Of Misfit Shine With Upgrades

Even if Misfit Shine was a success, Misfit still launched Misfit Shine 2 to secure the loose strap and added some notifications from the smartphone displayed through colored LEDs. Yet, it is worth buying?




Design and Features
Misfit Shine 2 looks the same as its predecessor. It is a metallic and small disc that’s fitted into the silicon band. But, the face of Misfit Shine 2 is slightly bigger and thinner. It is also slightly more unisex looking compared before its previous edition that’s a bit dainty, particularly in its metallic finish.

If you will tap on the surface of the device, you will notice a major change. Misfit Shine 2 features colored LED lights and comes with a wide range of light patters to help you determine once you got a phone call, text a message, and so on.

The band is probably the most important and interesting change in Misfit Shine 2. The company made a special action clip, which was originally designed for Speedo Shine. This is placed at the back of the band to keep this more secure. This Action Clip is actually a thin plastic strip, which attaches to the backside of Misfit Shine 2 as well as threads through both sides of the band to anchor this in place.

Even if the strap holds Misfit Shine 2 in place, its thin frame around the strap is stretchy enough. If in case you manage to snag this on something, the disc will actually pop out. In addition to Action Clip, you won’t misalign the clock accidentally. The reason behind it is that there are 2 groves on the back part of the disc, which lines up with the 2 posts sticking out of Action clip. You can either put this on upside-down or right-side up, yet never off centre or sideways. However, you can also use Misfit Shine 2 by attaching it to your belt, shoe or a shirt as it comes with a clasp.




Activity Tracking
The previous Misfit Shine was considered as one of the most accurate exercise and step trackers and its ability to keep tabs on your distances was good. Yet, Misfit Shine 2 is no different. You can choose one from any sports including basketball, swimming, soccer, cycling, running, and tennis. Apart from steps, Misfit Shine 2 can also track sleep and has the power to detect you dozing off in an automatic manner. This works very well with a great representation of light as well as deep sleep on graphs that are easy to read.




The App
Misfit app is compatible with Android and iOS where all of the activity tracking goals and information are stored. With this, you will be able to see more detailed information regarding how successful you are in keeping moving the whole day.

Battery Life
Misfit Shine 2’s battery life is beyond the norm. This does not utilize a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. But rather, it is run by a coin cell battery that’s usually found in traditional watches. Misfit takes pride of its 6-month battery life, which is based on the battery life of the average coin battery.



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