Misfit Ray Review: The Most Stylish Fitness Tracker

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Misfit Ray Review: The Most Stylish Fitness Tracker

Officially announced at the CES 2016, Misfit Ray is considered as Misfit’s first fitness tracker after being swallowed up by Fossil for millions of dollars. After releasing some new trackers last year like the Flash Link and Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Ray comes with a new design approach for the previous setup.





Misfit Ray will let you say goodbye from circular-shaped trackers as it comes with a more stylish-looking anodized aluminum tube casing, which houses motion sensors. It is more like a fashionable bracelet compared to most fitness trackers you can find at present. Available in rose gold and carbon black, the casing measures 38 millimeters long with a 12 millimeters diameter. It is also lightweight as it only weighs 8 grams.

Misfit Ray is also water resistant up to fifty meters. This only means that you can enjoy swimming with this. It also features a multi-color LED display. Therefore, compared to the array of LED lights, you get on other fitness trackers of Misfit, it isn’t going to be much help telling the time.

Misfit Ray also have an eight millimeters spring bars, which is hidden underneath its casing. It allows you to personalize with a set of custom accessories to better match this with your clothes. You will also have your pick of either a leather band or sport band.






Battery Life and Hardware

Automatically monitors sleep and fitness, Misfit Ray features a three-axis accelerometer to track motion as well as a vibration mode to provide you a nudge when you have been sitting down for so long or when a call or text notification has come through. Like Jawbone and Fitbit trackers, there is a silent alarm that will wake you up in the morning.

Beneath the metal casing, there are 2 replaceable button cell batteries that are designed to give a great battery life like the Misfit Shine 2. So, expect that its battery life will last at least 6 months.




Activity Tracking

Misfit Ray has the ability to monitor steps, sleep quality, distance, calories burned, and sleep duration. There is also a dedicated tracking for the different activities such as yoga, dancing, cycling, swimming, and running. When it comes to syncing, you can sync to Misfit app through Bluetooth Smart in real time. The app can be used on devices running on iOS and Android OS. But, always make sure to check the compatibility first to avoid any issues in the long run.

Like all of the new trackers of Misfit, it can also play nice with the Link platform, which allows you to add smart features including taking a selfie, changing music, and turning off lights.




Is Misfit Ray a Great Choice for You?

Misfit Ray is currently available to pre-order. According to its company, it will be available around the world from Spring 2016. The price may vary from one store to another. So, it always pays to shop around first if you don’t want to end up paying an expensive one.