Jawbone Company – What We Should Know

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Jawbone Company – What We Should Know

Jawbone is quite popular among Americans. Perhaps most of us have already heard about their reputation. It’s a company located in the United States and it has a particular field of business including consumer technology. The HQ is in San Francisco. The company both sells and develops wearable products such as fitness trackers. We can find their famous products like including fitness trackers (UP) and many others. Their handy audio devices, Bluetooth and gaming headsets are amusing too. The company says that wearable products can be the core of the connected home. Overall, we can rely on their expertise in such field.


A Reputable Company

Talking about reputation, Jawbone is known worldwide as a leading company in wearable devices and consumer tech. They build software platforms and hardware products supported by solid data science. Due to their expertise, now we can live a better life with a personal insight into how we move, sleep, and eat. We can customize the features included in their products. The tracking features help us maintaining our health at its finest. There are also some high-quality wireless speakers that we can use. JAMBOX is well-known brand produced by Jawbone. Due to its popularity, we can find in 40 countries worldwide.

When it comes to the most popular item, UP fitness tracker is quite fascinating. This device is both adjustable and bendable. The tracker can adjust the shape of our wrist, in fact. The tracker’s inner components have been strengthened with a high-grade coating. The layer also helps to create a sturdy seal with the exterior material. Thus, it becomes splash-resistance. The tracker is made of safe and durable material. It’s hypoallergenic and comfortable on our skin. In a nutshell, UP fitness tracker indeed gives lots of benefits either in the terms of design or features. Not to mention the price is also nice.

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More about Jawbone

Being a great company causes some challenges. Jawbone decides to get supports from investors as they need to develop their business. The first investor was the Mayfield Fun. Later, Jawbone got more investors including Khosla Ventures. Due to abundant resources of money, the company is able to develop many devices. Almost all of us have recognized their renowned products called UP on the market. The trackers provide advanced technology and modern designs with lots of features. We can even wear the trackers to control our weight. UP fitness trackers are also available in different colors and textures. We can wear them with both comfort and style too.

When it comes to the software, UP application supports major operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS. We can easily use them due to their compatibility. The company itself becomes more than just a hardware company. They have the dedication to produce beautiful products that have tons of functionalities. As they continue to grow, they create a slimmer, better, and smarter products connected worldwide. It means that they have no limits in developing their devices with innovations. The best part is that we, customers, can take part in their team. The company offers many benefits including retirement plans and health insurance.

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