Jawbone Up Move Review: Getting Fit With A Fitness Tracker

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Jawbone Up Move Review: Getting Fit With A Fitness Tracker

Being healthy is the primary goal of all people. We need to find the way to monitor our fitness, though. The key is to move more to get fit. UP Move fitness is useful for helping us to lose weight, monitor health condition, and get fit in a fun way. The product comes in various colors so we can choose them based on our personality. The tracker is comfortable to wear and it has both straps and clips. The display is very appealing as it includes an LED and smart coach feature. What can we do with the tracker actually?


Good Functionality and Design

UP move fitness tracker doesn’t only count our movement and track our sleep but it helps us shaping our body. We can rely on its quality as it’s made of nylon like material. There’s the black panel of aluminum and the clip is made of safe TPU rubber. Unfortunately, the strap is sold individually and it’s also made of medical-grade rubber. Even though it’s splash resistant, we shouldn’t expose the tracker inside the water. There’s non-rechargeable battery with 225 mAh capacity. When it is about the technology, the tracker uses BLE Bluetooth connectivity. There is also 14 LEDs indication included.


The Jawbone UP move has a feature named sleep tracking. We can set up three different functionalities including awake, sound sleep, and light sleep. One thing, we can use it for the best tracker in the wristband. Also, it’s manual. It means that we need to either start or stop it manually. Some of us perhaps have the trouble as we often forgot to turn and off the tracker. The sleep tracking feature is quite fascinating. It’s more accurate when compared to the other trackers. The item can be used by everyone regardless the age. Not to mention it’s quite comfortable to wear.



The Compatibility is Amazing

Here’s the fact. Up move is the part of the Jawbone products. We know the data collected aren’t going to be limited to UP app. The information is exportable to some other applications including MyFitnessPal and Strava. In fact, we can use it with other devices and services like Nest. The purpose is to make a better sleep condition. If we are going to monitor our weight, we can combine it with some scale apps. Plus, we are able to share the information through social media so we can compete with our friends who also wear the same product. Who has the better health stats?


In a nutshell, Up move is an excellent device for use who look for information regarding sleep and activity. Even though it’s quite expensive, both the smart notifications and high-quality tracking features may satisfy us. However, we should use this product only for tracking our activity. It means we should use other devices if we want to track workouts. The tracker costs us $50 and it offers capable and simple features. Overall, it makes the tracking easier understand. As a precaution, it’s a manual device so we need to remember either to turn on or off the features.


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