Garmin Vivofit 3 Fitness Tracker Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

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Garmin Vivofit 3 Fitness Tracker Review: A Quick Sneak Peek

Garmin is no doubt always putting function way above form and almost all of the fitness trackers or running watches that the company has ever released have worked from exactly the same robust, durable and not that attractive design blueprint.

However, things seem to have changed and this has started with the Garmin Vivofit review that has been announced side by side Garmin’s Vivoactive HR smartwatch. Vivofit 3 is the third generation of budget fitness tracker from the Garmin company.

The Garmin Vivoft 3 has got the common sleep tracking and activity features and there is also the automatic tracking of a series of various activities. There is also yearlong battery life and there is the helpful Move inactivity bar that will keep you out of that office chair.




Yet, it is actually all about the design. Just as how Fitbit and Misfit tried giving their trackers with a fashionable makeover recently, the company is also trying to go the same route.

You get to try Vivofit 3 with among the newly sculpted bands. There is an entire collection of numerous bands that will be on the way, whether you like something soft to touch or something more textured. Garmin has worked hand in hand with Jonathan Adler to come up with some amazing designs that you might like to wear.

This newest fitness tracker doesn’t come with a watch strap anymore which means that you need to pull this over your wrist, with its regular size really giving your wrist a comfortable hug. But, you can expect that this is very comfortable and will definitely not slide up or down the arm.

One good news is that this is way much slimmer compared to what the images from the press suggest. This is also bulkier than 2nd generation Vivofit although some other designs are adopting a slimmer and a bit more elegant profile.





In the hopes of playing up to the more fashion conscious wearers, Garmin decided to sacrifice a big amount of the screen as compared to Vivofit 2. This looks a bit more similar with the Fitbit Charge that allows you to view your progress like a standard watch. However, in some ways, it is disappointing to see that the big old screen is gone. This is specifically now that Move bar, one of the core motivation features of Garmin, has been crammed up at the top of the small screen that make it quite harder to see.

Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular fit - Black
  • AUTO-ACTIVITY DETECTION - Capture different activities automatically and view them on Garmin Connect online
  • 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE - No recharging needed. Regular: 135-205 mm circumference X-large: 165-225 mm circumference
  • 24/7 WEARABILITY - The sleek silicone band is comfortable to wear all day on land or in the water
  • GCM COMPATIBLE - Sync automatically or manually with our free smartphone app to view and analyze your stats
  • See "Comparison Chart" below to make sure you choose the right size band

You need to applaud Garmin as they tried doing something more different. They are only doing what the closest competitors try to do and this is what gets more people to wear their fitness trackers without feeling as if they have an unsightly piece of plastic wrapped around their wrist.

As Garmin Vivofit 3 is not yet released, more and more people anticipate its official launch and it seems that the opinions might still change the moment users get to spend more time with the fitness tracker and try out the various looks.