Fitbit Flex Review: Simplifying Your Fitness

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Fitbit Flex Review: Simplifying Your Fitness

Weighing 16 grams, Fitbit Flex is no doubt one of the most comfortable and best fitness trackers you can find in the market. It is durable yet smart, particularly in terms of tracking your daily fitness levels. Your daily goal will be displayed prominently in the app and the indicator lights on the device, which can be activated through a tap, allowing you to know how much further you need to go. Due to its simplicity, many fitness enthusiasts admire it.

Progress Monitoring
The best way to meet all your fitness goals is to keep track of your progress and thanks to Fitbit Flex, this fitness tracker will keep you accountable. While Fitbit Flex does not have an altimeter for tracking the stairs climbed, it tracks and allows you to make goals for everything. The app also lets you set custom sleep, step, calorie, weight, active minute, and distance goals. It does not have an idle alert to remind you how long you have been sitting, yet it lights up and vibrates once you meet your step goals. If the competition motivates you, the app works well with social media sites, enabling you to compete your friends or family, and post your success.

Tracking Accuracy
Fitbix Flex is renowned for its accuracy. This tracks your steps, sleep, active minutes, calories burned, and the distance traveled. This app also displays graphs and charts, so you can analyze your progress in the long run and make every day a little bit better. Because of its accuracy, Fitbit Flex is a great investment to monitor your fitness and health.

Design and Battery
The 5-day battery life of Fitbit Flex is actually one of the shortest among other fitness trackers. But, it only weighs sixteen grams, making this the lighter fitness tracker. It is comfortable, slim, and comes in 2 sizes, small and big, so it’s idea for any size of wrist. If you want different colors, there’s nothing you should worry about as Fitbit Flex is available in several interchangeable colors.


Fitbit Flex is quite different from some fitness trackers because this does not have a screen. Five little indicator lights are on the surface of the device and these light up according to how close you’re reaching your walking goal for a day. The lights also appear once you tap the surface of the device. Once you reached forty percent of the goal, the two will light up and when all lights are seen on the surface, this means that you have completed your goal.

Fitbit Flex only weighs 16 grams and this comes in 2 sizes and 10 various colors, giving you ease when wearing it.

One of the concerns of its users is its battery life, which only lasts for 5 days. But, other than that, its performance is exceptional.

The Verdict
Overall, Fitbit Flex has the power to simplify your fitness. It is a very powerful fitness tracker that tracks your long-term and health goals, as well as movements in an accurate manner.