Fitbit Flex 2 Review: An Anticipated Device To Join The Wearable Crowd

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Fitbit Flex 2 Review: An Anticipated Device To Join The Wearable Crowd

This October, the Fitbit Flex 2 Pre-review is expected to hit the market and is said to be the first fully waterproof fitness tracker that the company has ever created. This means that this new wearable has the ability to automatically track swimming together with other metrics like distance traveled, calories burned, sleep and steps. It doesn’t come with any built in heart rate monitoring or GPS although this is not a big surprise considering its price tag. Also, this one lacks a display and what you will get instead is a row of colorful lights blinking to indicate the progress you have and alert you with notifications from your phone. The Fitbit Flex 2 is modular and stylish so you can put the tracker part in various bands, pendants and bangles.
The Design
At the very core of the Flex 2 is a small rectangular module that can be swapped between several wearable accessories. Considerably smaller than the earlier original Flex, this new tracker itself merely measures 0.2×0.4×1.3 inches, with a weigh so little it will barely register on the scale. Once placed inside one of its included bands available in large and small sizes, this weighs about 0.3 ounces. However, these details on the hardware are still not final and may be subjected to further changes.

Additional silicon bands are available in gray, black, magenta, lavender, pink, yellow, or navy. There are also available bundles such as the Pink Pack that includes magenta, lavender and pink bands, and the Sport Pack with yellow, navy and gray.
Flex 2 is completely waterproof, the very first from Fitbit. You use this for 150 feet underwater for hours and it can automatically track your swimming stats which include pace, lap counts and overall duration. This can also track your active minutes, distance, sleep, steps and calories. Stats can sync wirelessly with your Windows, iOS and Android devices. It can also track exercises like biking, basketball, running, hiking, tennis and more.

However, as mentioned earlier, its real unique feature is the ability to track your swimming both in the pool and the ocean. This can count your swim pace, laps and total time duration spent in the water. Similar with other trackers which can automatically measure exercise, this can take as much as 10 to 15 minutes to detect what you are doing.

Since Flex 2 doesn’t come with a display, you have to check the Fitbit app for you to view your progress and stats. The app will receive several notable additions this September such as Fitbit Adventures, the augmented reality feature which will give you virtual routes where you can walk based on your real life locations. Just like Pokemon Go, you will travel to certain stops to unlock landmark photography. This feature is also expected to work with the rest of the Fitbit devices.

With the newest Fitbit Flex 2, it is evident that Fitbit has upgraded their original entry level fitness tracker and packed it with a completely waterproof design, automatic tracking of activities, color LEDs and various ways to wear it.

Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version)
  • Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
  • Ultra-thin, removable tracker hides in bands, pendants and bangles
  • Swim-proof for tracking swimming, life-proof for wear in the ocean, shower, pool and beyond
  • SmartTrack automatically recognizes select workouts and records them to your Fitbit app; Get call and text notifications on your wrist with unique vibration patterns and color-coded LED lights
  • check the user guide before use