Can Fitness Trackers Make You Gain Weight?

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Can Fitness Trackers Make You Gain Weight?

Fitness trackers have long been embraced as the devices that can help reduce weight, yet professionals are now saying that they could have an opposite effect. On some online fitness forums, there are users who claimed that they have put on pounds since they began using the fitness trackers, despite the data on the screens showing the record amounts of activity.

According to fitness experts, calorie counts on these devices are not always accurate and may mislead users into thinking they are burning more than they actually area, which led them to increase their food intake. The reason for this is that the fitness trackers never take into account one’s metabolic needs that can be affected by medications, types of foods, pregnancy, and the intestinal flora.


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An expert said that tons of people get fixated on the number of calories they get daily and never think about other factors that will create lots of individuality that the wristband does not track, like the type of calorie you’re consuming. If people also consume sugary drinks and foods and numerous refined carbohydrates, such calories are not going to let them lose the weight they desire. But, don’t throw your fitness trackers yet. It is because professionals advised that the key to get results is not to consume too much calories you’re working hard to burn off. Fitness trackers can help you look for a way to sneak in cardio while lowering your level of stress, ensuring the clothes fit the right way, and raising energy.

It is never fair to put the blame on fitness trackers. Such devices are made to count the steps you have taken, analyze your sleep, and so on. That is why it is quite absurd to expect this to be accurate always. It cannot adapt to your personality or lifestyle and don’t perform magic tricks. Below are some of the ways on how to use fitness trackers without gaining more weight:


Do Not Set Calorie Goals. Instead, Set Your Fitness Goals
Fitness trackers are good because they bring awareness to your daily activities. They also motivate you to get up and start moving when you take a glance at your wrist midway through the day and you have realized you are not even a quarter of the way through the daily step goal. Use this to your advantage. Do not depend solely on your fitness tracker to know the number of calories burned. Sometimes, there are tons of fluctuations and variations in the estimate.


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Always Keep Your Own Food Journal
One of the ways to change your eating habits is to keep your own food journal. Writing down everything you ate brings awareness to what you are putting in your mouth, how often, and how much. Through learning what your habits are, you may start changing them for the better. This does not matter much the calorie content of every morsel of food, yet the kinds of foods and how and when you are eating them. This is also beneficial when you are also increasing exercise.