Casio Men’s G7710-1 Review: Best G-Shock Watch For Running And Exercise

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Casio Men’s G7710-1 Review: Best G-Shock Watch For Running And Exercise

For the longest time, Casio has been known for their top of the line watches that keep up not only with the latest trends in aesthetics but also with the ever changing demand of consumers. Now more than ever, people are starting to become more conscious of their body and health, making them engage in physical activities.

The G-Shock line is one of Casio’s most popular series and today, the brand takes great pride in their Casio Men’s G7710-1 G-Shock Trainer Shock Resistant Multi-Function Watch which is said to be the best G-Shock for running and exercise.


Product Description
The G7710-1 G-Shock is a watch which boasts of more functions than an average person can possibly use on a daily basis. This imported watch has a quartz movement combined with the protective mineral crystal which is responsible for protecting the watch from the unwanted scratches.

It has a case diameter of 46mm and is also water resistant to as much as 660 feet or 200 meters, making it suitable for those who love to go on recreational scuba diving. This also comes with a black dial, resin case, and day, date, month, and year functions. If you are after a watch that is functional, stylish, well built, and durable, not to mention value-priced, then, you can expect this watch to meet all these needs.



Product Features
This particular G-Shock model has an Indiglo backlight with button that is found squarely right on front of the watch, just under the dial to ensure easy access. You also have the option to pick the information that will be shown on its main display. Many users appreciate the fact that they can easily see the day of the week, date and time, things that most of them lose track of in their day to day grind.

Users can also make the most out of the watch’s lap timer/stopwatch feature and when going on a run, its 50-lap timer can be a very useful. One more remarkable feature is its ability of turning off the beep. Majority of the digital watches you can find today beep every time you switch between the modes. Other models have the beep but cannot be turned off which can be bothersome for some users. They will surely appreciate that the G7710-1 G-Shock allows disabling the beep.

The watch’s size is just the ideal size that any user would want to have on their wrist. Many also praise the reverse display, something that not a lot of watches have. The band is also of good quality with the watch having a solid build quality overall.


The Bottom Line
It seems that there is no stopping Casio from expanding their line and if you are on the prowl for a good watch to accompany you during your runs and exercise routines, then, the G7710-1 G-Shock might be one you can consider. With its plethora of exciting functions and good price value, you will never regret this investment.

Casio Men's G7710-1 G-Shock Trainer Shock Resistant Multi-Function Watch
  • Quartz movement
  • Protective Mineral crystal protects watch from scratches
  • Case diameter: 46 mm
  • Resin case; Black dial; Day-date-month-and-year functions
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving