Best Fitness Tracker For Swimming

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Best Fitness Tracker For Swimming

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming Majority of fitness trackers are not actually waterproof and most of them are only water resistant, which means they can withstand a splash, yet are not meant for shower or serious water immersion. Fortunately, there are several waterproof fitness trackers in the market nowadays. Here are some of the finest fitness trackers for swimming:


Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band



It is considered as the most renowned fitness tracker of Garmin. Like some Garmin fitness trackers, Vivofit is waterproof and can be used in up to fifty meters depth of water. This is also comfortable to wear during sleep time as it comes with a heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. Garmin Vivofit Fitness band also features a reminder system that’s known as “time to move”. This system tells you when you have been sitting down for a long period of time.

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker, Black
  • Move bar w/audible alert - Reminds you to stay active throughout the day by displaying a red move bar and sounding an alert after one hour of inactivity. Additional segments lightup for every 15 minutes of inactivity. Walk for a couple of minutes to reset.
  • BACKLIT DISPLAY - The display is always on so you won't miss a beat. Turn on the backlight to see your stats, even in the dark.
  • ACTIVITY TIMER - Record activities with or without a heart rate monitor.
  • 1 + year battery life - vίvofit 2 stays on for more than a year without having to change the battery, so you don't have to worry about recharging.
  • Auto Sync - vίvofit 2 automatically syncs with paired mobile devices at strategic times throughout the day, such as when a goal is met or when several steps have been taken since the last sync.


Misfit Shine Sleep and Activity Monitor



It has a feature that a lot of fitness trackers don’t have. This feature is a tracking mode that is specifically meant for swimming activities. Its tracking app for smartphone can switch into swimming mod. That is why it will not count the steps why you are in the pool. This fitness tracker also comes in different colors and features specialized modes for cycling and running. Since it does not have a display, its battery may last for up to 6 months a single charge only.

Misfit Shine - Activity and Sleep Monitor
  • Swimproof, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum disc
  • White LED progress and time display
  • Wirelessly syncs with paired smartphone to upload data
  • Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and heavy sleep
  • Non-charging, replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months. Please refer the Installation and the Battery replacement Video before use.


Polar Loop Activity Monitor



Aside from tracking your calories burned, steps taken, and pulse, Polar Loop Activity Monitor is also monitor. It has curved display that can flash reminders for you to walk and get up. This also syncs with the apps on your Android phone or iPhone for data analysis. It is also one of the several fitness trackers that features a sleep monitor.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker
  • Wristband Size : 9 " . NOTE - Measurements taken from the LAST HOLE to the END OF RUBBER next to buckle (not from end to end). *Loop is from end to end prior to cutting.
  • Wristband Size : 9 " . NOTE - Measurements taken from the LAST HOLE to the END OF RUBBER next to buckle (not from end to end). *Loop is from end to end prior to cutting.
  • Worn on your wrist, tracks your activity 24/7 and provides guidance and motivation to reach your activity goals
  • Shows daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day and activity feedback on 85 LED display; Plus monitors sleep patterns
  • Automatically syncs to free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth Smart. For best results use updated Flow app version 1.0.1. Refer the user manual for product help and support.


Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Band



When compared to Garmin Vivofit, it only features a sleeker and a higher end design with a more minimalist display that’s integrated into the band. It also measures distance, step taken, calories burned, and has a reminder system and a good battery life.

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit - Black
  • Sleek band is comfortable to wear all day, and the always-on display shows your stats, even in sunlight
  • Displays steps, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed and activity intensity
  • Receive text, call, email, calendar and social media alerts,Display type:sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Control your music and your VIRB action camera (sold separately) all from your wrist,PHYSICAL SIZE:Width: 21.0 mm,Thickness: 12.3 mm,Regular: 137-188 mm circumference,X-large: 180-221 mm circumference
  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and vibration alert.Smartphone compatibility:iPhone,Android,Windows


Moov Now



Unlike other fitness trackers for swimming, Moov Now functions more than just a tracker. The reason behind it is that this is integrated with a built-in coaching that’s designed to provide metrics on enhancing your swimming instead of just feeding back in it. Apart from being waterproof, this has a dedicated swimming mode that you turn on before leaving the room. Once you get back, you will get feedback on your stroke rate, type, efficiency, and distance as well as an overall indicator of pool stamina and lap times.

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Basis Peak



This is a rugged-looking fitness tracker, which values functionality over form. Yet, this boasts a five ATM rating, which only means that this can resist fifty meters of water pressure for a long period of time.

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Those are just some of the many quality fitness trackers for swimming. Whether you are a pro or a newbie in swimming, it is always wise to consider purchasing one of the fitness trackers for swimming to monitor your progress.